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Can I use my Starr Gift Card for gratuity?
  Yes!  Starr Gift Card are redeemable for food, beverage and/or gratuity.
Does my gift card expire?
  Our gift cards do not have an expiration date, do not decrease in value and are valid at any Starr Restaurant.
I have a Gift Letter.
  Starr Restaurant Gift Letters are issued from our Corporate Offices.  Please contact customer service via e-mail at or via phone at 267-238-3652 to speak with a representative.
What is the value of my card?
  Visit Starr Restaurants and in our Shop section you can look up your gift card balance.  You can also contact customer service via e-mail at or via phone at 267-238-3652 with the full card number.  The Gift Card number is a 14 digit number located above the magnetic strip on the back of the gift card.
How do I buy/redeem a gift card?
  To purchase a gift card, click here.  You may also purchase a Gift Card via fax.

All Gift Cards can be redeemed at any participating Starr Restaurants.  Click here for a complete listing.
How do I navigate the site?
  To navigate this website, simply click on a category you might be interested in. Categories are located on the top, left & bottom of our website.

QUICK TIP: Place your mouse cursor over anything you think could be a clickable link. You'll notice that anytime you scroll over something that is a link, your mouse cursor will become a "hand". Whereas scrolling over anything that is NOT a link will leave your cursor as an "arrow". You may also type a keyword into the SEARCH box to quickly find a specific product. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact customer service for assistance.
How do I use a coupon?
  After adding items to your cart, click the "View Cart" link at the top to view your cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart you'll see a box where you may enter your coupon code.